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Lauren And Adam Hirsch $180.00
Go Ally go! we're so proud of you!!!
Shera Dubitsky $100.00
Run like the wind!!!!
Marcy And Marty Hoffman $18.00
In honor of Allyson and her grandmother Debbie Hirsch.
Bonnie Eckstein $18.00
Andrew Hirsch $18.00
Way to go Ally!
Jayne Hirsch $54.00
Way to go Ally! So proud of you!
Chani Dennis $18.00
So proud of your committment!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
The Shlagbaums $100.00
Go Ally Go!
The Finkelsteins $50
Go Ally!
David And Debbie $180.00
Way to go Ally!! Uncle David and Debbie
Fran & Ken Altman $54.00
We are so proud of you!
Tami Volodarsky $18.00
Good luck
Debbie & Steven Siegler $54.00
Awesome Ally! Have fun!!!
Herschel And Jessica Joseph $36
Ally- you are a superstar! Such a great cause!
Jaclyn Halali $36.00
Go Ally!!
Carrie & Kevin Rose $36
Karen And Alain Ickovics $54
ישר כוח!! Ally!
Amy And Josh Buchsbayew $50.00
Good Luck Ally!
Ann And Lester Arfe $180
So proud of our granddaughter. Love, Grandma and Papa
Max And Janine Klein $18
Leba Nat $100.00
Jessie & Dan Fink $18.00
Great Job! Good Luck!