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Sara Goldstein $18.00
Lara & Steve Kahn $18
Behazlacha! Have a great trip!
Sarah And Yehoshua Auman $50
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $72
Yashur koach! Keep making your family proud!
Michelle & Scott Sulzberger $250.00
We're so proud of you Ali!
Rena & David Maryles & Family $36
Tzke limitzvot!
The Lovy Family $100
Good luck Ali - We are so proud of you!
Howard And Nechama Taber $180.00
Go Ali. Great Cause
Faige And Akiva Lefkowitz $36
We're so proud of you!!!
Mimi Southard $10.00
Yizhaky Family $250.00
Ali, we’re all so proud of you!!!
Rita & Selig Lenefsky $200.00
Go Ali
Daniel Lenefsky $100
Barbra Kahn $36
Way to go Ali!!!
Alan Rosenfeld $180.00
Go Ali!
Howard Jaffie $100
Jessica Lenefsky $50
GO SISTER!!!! I’m shepping
Anonymous Sponsor $150.00
You are amazing!!! Love you
Anonymous Sponsor $15
Kelly Drang $18
Sara And Abe Peller $50.00
Run like the wind Ali !!!
Natalie And Charlie Weissman $36
Good luck Ali!!!
Sara Goldstein $45.00
Kol hakavod! A wonderful mitzvah.!
Challah Bake Sale $325
We are so proud of the Chesed you are doing
Shani, Ari, And Anaelle Clark $30.00
Go Ali!
Rhonda Weiss $30
Yasher koach!
Teri Lubin $18.00
Rachel And Daniel Hanuka $36
Good luck!!!
Gary And Michele Friedman And Family $180.00
Happy to support you in a great cause!
Sarah Ziegler $15.00
Go ali!!!!!
Sharon Tuckman $30
Eli Milla $18.00
good luck and thanks for challah :)
SHani & Steven Auerbach $15.00
Trudy Rubinstein $30.00
Anonymous Sponsor $15
Kayla And Shira ❤️ $15
Kelly Drang $15
Challah Bake Sale $440
We are so proud of the Chesed you continue to do
Aaron And Devorah Toledano $18
Yay Ali!!!!
Jean Toplin $15.00
Stella & Dr. Scott Weiss $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Shari Jacobs Lowenthal $30.00
Batsheva & Shmuel Fink $30.00
Sharon & William Lovy $30.00
Michele & Dr. Gary Friedman $30.00
Uncle Irwin & Aunt Dena $36.00
Go Ali Go!