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Pamela Cohen $100.00
Lauren And Alan Bakst $36.00
Proud of You!!
Auntie Susie, Uncle Jason, Maddy & Emily $100
We are so proud of you! Way to go, Zach! We love you!
Kroll Family $54
Run Zach Run
Al Benarroch $54
Yasher Koach Zach!!!
Markowitz Family $54.00
Go for Gold!!
Harold Landa $54.00
Proud of you!!
The Bermans $18.00
Go Zachey!
Howard And Nancy,William, Geoffrey, Ariel And Eitan Pitch $180.00
Ron Gall $72.00
Yashar Koach Zach!!!
The Frohlich Family $18.00
Run for Fun:))
Team Rosen $100
Proud of you Zachy!!
Robert And Shirley Freedman $500.00
Very proud of you Zach. Love you very much. Baba and Zaidy
Michael & Risa Zimmerman $72.00
Aunt Robyn $180
Way to go Zack! So proud of you!
Neil Greenbaum Greenbaum $36
Good luck!!
Michel Aziza $180.00
Aaron Benarroch $54.00
Proud of your mission!!!
Melvin Lazareck $180.00
Edward Lyons $180.00
best of luck Zach
David Greaves $108
Zach HaMelech. Rootz Zach rootz
Lis And Ariel Louwrier $50
Thank you for doing this. So proud of you!
Ellery And Libby Broder $100
Yasher koach Zach!
Noam And Jill Kaminetzky $100
So Proud of You!
Nancy Factor $36.00
What a win Zach! The Factor Family
Estelle & Norman Wald $54.00
Brian Ferber $18.00
Good luck and have fun
Tyler & Aviva $36
Good luck
The Lanner Family $36.00
Go Zach!!
Dovid Lanner $18.00
Don’t lose
Cara & Ben Freedman $36
Yasher Ko'ach
Jeff And Greta Baum & Family $54
Keep up your great work for this very worthy cause!!!
Abi And Laura Greenbaum $100.00
Good luck
Joseph Bensmihen $100.00
Go Get'em!!
Sharona And David Kay $18.00
Judi & Gary Krasna $180.00
Sharona And Michael Loeffler $100.00
Yasher Koach!!!!
Ruda Berkowitz $18.00