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Rochelle Lindzon $54
Mazel tov
Sass P. $54.00
Go Tiger, Go!
Rosalee Rohr And Martin Osher $100.00
Rachele, Adam, Alyx & Nella $100
Good luck uncle Elliot!
Marisa Sheff $36.00
Irving Osher $200.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Jordan S $118
Good luck
Jim Katsigiannis $108.00
Steve Prokos $108.00
Great cause Elliot
Jake Papageorgiou $61.00
Have a Great Run Elliot!
Alexander Gross $100.00
Beverly Yaffy $118.00
That’s great Elliot good luck.
Jodi And Alberto $100.00
Good luck Uncle Elliot!!! Love Noah, Ben and Abby
Tyler Publicover $50
Good luck Elliot! Run hard and have fun.
Amy And Allan Sheff $100.00
Jon Salvatore $50.00
Mia Mandel $20.00
Way to go! You keep getting younger while the rest of us are getting older!!!
Ioannis Tentomas $100.00
Keep at it! Congratulations!
Theo Prokos $180
Sarah B $25
Great cause. Good luck!
Best of luck of Elliot!! Drink lots of water :) -Ayman
Anonymous Sponsor $40
Avrum N $180
Proud of you buddy - Avrum
Davina Shapiro $18.00
B'Haltzlacha. When I was in Israel in November our group met one of the directors of Shalva. I along with my trop mates were very moved by what they do
RM $60.00
Lâches pas mon homme... you're the man
Myrna Silverman $18.00
Good Luck
The Brokers Canada $108.00
Wishing you an incredible Run & Experience
Amy, Chase & Matthew $108.00
We are so proud of you! Good Luck :)