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Daniel Nessim $180.00
keep those mitvah's coming!
Michael Nessim $360
Amazing job Jacob
Tina And David Greenberger $118.00
We are very proud of you Jacob!
Avi Nessim $105.00
Proud of you! Tizku l'mitzvot!
Gabi Nessim $18.00
I'm proud of you Jacob!
Karen And Joel Nessim $518.00
We are SO proud of you Jakey! Tizku l'mitzvot!!!
JYOTI HALSBAND Halsband $118.00
Good luck Jacob! Great work!
Alan And Rena Kohn $100.00
Shaul & Patricia Rabinowitz $180.00
What a wonderful effort, and such a good cause! Aleh Ve'Hatzlach!
Roni Packin-Ymar $50.00
So proud of you Jacob!
Felicia & Vinnie Sarnelli $100.00
Best of luck Jacob!
Isabella & Vincent $50.00
Good luck Jacob!
Patricia Mistero $50.00
Good luck Jacob!
Debra & Burt Fried $50.00
Good luck Jacob!
Dwight Hershman $250
Michelle and I are very proud of you.
Roberta, Hudson, And Lee Kaylie $180.00
Kol Hakavod
Robyn & Barry Felder $100
Esther And Motti Kremer $180
what a great cause , kol hakavod
Leslie & Yossi Brandsdorfer $18.00
Best of luck!
Suri And Kenny Cohen $180.00
Tizku L'mitzvot
Cayzer $100
Way to go Jacob, we're so proud of you!!
Simcha And Sari Willig $36
Great work Jacob!!
Avi and I are very proud of you, Jacob. Keep up the good work!
Jean Lindenbaum Lindenbaum $180
Very special that you are doing this. Kol Hakavod
R' Weiss $18.00
So proud of you, Jacob!
The Schebovitz, Stein And Jasmin Families $38.00
Kol hakavod Jacob!
Mrs. Nora Greene $18.00
Congrats and good luck, Jacob!
Saul Haimoff $52
Kol hakavod!
Miryam & Israel Wahrman $72.00
Yashar Koach, Jacob! Good luck in the Marathon!
Benny Megido $50
Proud of you Jacob
JJ, Sammy And Ava Green $54.00
Goodluck Jacob!!!!
Steven Krauss $250
Amy Heilmann $40.00
You've got this Jacob!
Cipora & Jonathan Simms $100
Go Jacob! Keep on running and keep on making the world a better place :)
Barry Ringelheim $50.00
Jacqueline Linsenbaum $180.00
M.H & L.H Franklin $18.00
Randy Scott $72.00
good luck Jacob
Saperstein Family $180.00
Julie Yusupov $36
Kol Hakavod Jacob! Good luck running!
Jayne & Steve Luger $180.00
So proud of you!
Sam Schwed $360
Keep up the great work!
Kupchik Family $50
Good luck, Jacob!
Phyllis JB Jonas $50.00
You are a shul shinning star!
Patricia & David Raff $100.00
Raphael Amoona $100.00
Faye Klausner & Allen Rosenberg $136.00
Renee & Lawrence Palmer $36.00
Phyllis Simon $50.00
Jerry Goldberg $25.00
Good lack Jacob!
Leslie Capobianco $50.00
Shelly Henner $118.00
What a beautiful thing you are doing!!!!
The Blank Family $36.00
Go Jacob!
Anonymous Sponsor $750.00
In memory of Mark Ramer Z"l. Jacob, if you are our future then it is looking extremely bright! Tizku l"mitzvot!
Temima And Mordy Prus $100
Keep up the great work!
Hatzlacha Raba Jacob!
Rena Goodman $72.00
כל הכבוד Rena & Andy
Melissa And Joseph Podhorzer $50.00
Good luck Jacob!!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Spread more light with each mile you run! Very proud of you!
The Ramer Family $1800
Dear Jacob, We are so touched by this wonderful gesture. Kol hakavod and good luck! Love, Naomi and the Ramer family
Hadar Stein $36.00
Yahel Jasmin $36
Lois Weinstein $36.00
Gita & Jay Gruenfeld DDS $50.00
Harriet Sanders $18.00