All Donors

David And Judith Kalin $180.00
Best wishes on your run.
Robbie Iny $100
Good luck training for a wonderful cause!
The Lohner Family $100
Good luck! You guys will be great. Happy to support this important cause. Don't eat too much falafel before the run!
Carole Alexander $36
Jeff Segal $100
Adrianne & Shlomo Drazin $100.00
Good luck to the best Father/Doctor and daughter duo!
Gayle & Roni Munk $100.00
Wishing you the best of luck!
Randi Schapira $100.0
Good luck! It will be amazing!
Mark Eisenberg $50
Mazal Tov!!! Best of luck!!!
Susan And Stan Rozansky $100.00
Best of luck
Helene And Shawn Goldberg $250
Good luck!!!
Kevin & Pam & Family $72
Rosanne And Perry Kliot $136.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Dahlia Levi $36
Rhonda Gal $100
Good Luck - Great cause
Eve And Rick Boretsky $100
Kol Ha Kavod
The Marshall Family $56.00
Mallary Segall $54
I'll be cheering for you! Kol HaKavod!
Silvana Smejoff Prout $36
Kol a Kavod to my doctor and family
Kitry Znaty $36.00
Great cause! Good luck!
The Nadlers $100
Good luck!!!
Madoff-Rubin Family $50.00
Jennifer Reoch $20
Good luck on your run!
Mireille K Anawati $150
Alex O $100
way to go!
Valerie Rouimi $50
Mazal Tov! This is such a wonderful mitzvah! Yesher Koach to you both!
Maureen And Jack Dym And Family $360.00
Ardra Belitz $100
Kol hakavod !
Matthias Georg Ziller $90
Good luck Michael and Rachel! Greetings from New Zealand.
The Green Family $100.00
What a great cause, best of luck to you Michael and Rachel!
Laura And David Assor $72
Good luck we are rooting for you!!
From: Deborah, Howard , Phoebe & Lainey Szalavetz $360.00
Harold And Debbie Lydynia $100.00
Kol Hakovod to you both!
Irina Blumer $100
Best of luck! It is a wonderful initiative.
Love From Barbara And Stephen Sussman $100.00
Dear Michael and Rachel. You are an inspiration to all.
Cindy & Rusty $50
Great cause--Best of luck!
Anne Benguira $100.00
Wonderful cause! Kol Hakavod !
Gary Singer & Jeannie Sklar $360
Best of luck on your amazing adventure!
Ilan & Julie $118
Rachel and Michael, good luck. Keep up the good work.
David Diner $50
Kol Hakavod
Chantal B. $100
Happy training!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Cindy And David Abramovitch $36
Good luck from the Abramovitch family (Cindy, David, Sam and Evan)!
Bubby Pearl And Larry $180.00
Best of luck on this wonderful endeavour
Zobin Family $36
Bracha and Hatzlacha. Have the most amazing experience!
David And Lisa Hamaoui $54
Aviva And Ami $72.
Chaya And Lorne Lieberman $360.00
Avi Spitzer $54.00
Happy Training - Great Cause
Deena And Lawrence Witt $180.00
Elad Ben-Eli $400.66
The Herzliah High School students are so proud of all our runners. Nous sommes tellement fier de vous. Yasher Koach
Heather, Mark, Jordan, Daniel, & Abby Frankel $100.00
Good luck Michael & Rachel on your run.
Ali Lydynia And Family $54.00
Way to go! Good luck! Happy to support such an incredible team and organization!
Jesse Krolik $36
Chaviva And Jason Lifson $54
Tina & Martin Rosenthal $100.00
Best luck!
Tova, Andrew, Abbey And Rebecca Rotheram $100
So proud of you both!!
Randy + Stuart Eiley $180
Great cause. Mazel tov.
Victoria Kaspi And David Langleben $100.00
Proud of you!
Mireille Anawati $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $60.00
Hoping to put you over ! With friendship -Perle
Marissa Lydynia And Robert Steinman $36.00