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Anonymous Sponsor $300
One of the best experiences I've ever had. You are going to have the most meaningful time there! Enjoy every moment! Love you!
Patricia Lewis $100.00
Good luck Yardena! What an awesome experience for you.
Ema And Daddy $180
So proud of you!!!
Matthew MOGUL $36
Alex Sarna $18
Proud of you!
The Papoffs $18
Baba And Zaida $100
Way to go, Yardena!
Uncle Ron And Aunty Ora $180
Uncle Zvi $54
Lorne Schecter $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Kol H'Kovod
Tricots Liesse Tricots Liesse $180.00
Good Luck!
Morrie Weinberg $36.00
Good luck Yardena!
Antonio Ciccone $26.00
Good luck Yardena
S. Golsse $180
Good luck
Rakel Saad $90
Good luck Yardena!
Raphi Wisebrod $18
Joel Engel $36
Rachel & Maury Gilman $72.00
Traci Tohn $25.00
Way to go Yardena! What a wonderful initiative.
Eta Blitzer $50
Bubbie Shelley And Zadie Aaron $100
You are fulfilling Pirkei Avos 4:2: "Run to do a Mitzva!"
Kathryn Toal $36.00
Yardena Zobin BEST of luck and thank you!!
Aunt Ania And Uncle Isrolik $54.00
Sari And Shlomo Drazin $100
David Diner $50
Kol Hakavod
Cindy @ Rafi Faust $54.00
Yaniv And Nathalie Loran And Clan $36
Way to go - hope your dad tags along
Rachel And Michael Kalin $100
Best of luck!
David Hamaoui $36.00
Run Yardena run
Liz Lorincz $100.00
Very excited for you Yardena, such a worthy cause to support!
The Hollanders $100
Good Luck Yardena and Kol Hakavod for joining!
Lazar Sarna $100
Yardena Super Zobin!
Uncle Gary And Auntie Deena $54.00
Go Dena go!!!! So proud of you!!!!
Brian Schwenger $54
Good luck Yardena!!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Brian Staples $50
Run hard and run free :-)!!