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Artin And Shirley $326.00
Go Adina goooo!! We are so proud of you! You are a great role model! Love you!
Azar Family $126
Dear Adina, we are very proud of you!!!
Nora Monasheri $18
Sepideh Davoudi $56
So proud of you!
Evelyn Lahiji $100
Love you!
Pany Poura $100.00
Adina I'm so proud of you and everything you do for the Jewish people. May you always continue to have such love to your cause. I love you so much!!! 💋❤️
Donna Hedvat $150.00
So proud of you Adina! May you always run towards mitzvot & May you continue to make everyone around you proud as you do now 🧡
Leora Asherian $56
So super proud of you!!!!
Naz Aziz $100.00
So proud of you girl♥
Anonymous Sponsor $500.00
you go girl. I am so proud to have you in my life
Hagit & Albert $101.00
Naz Aziz $13.00
Nabatian Family $100.00
So proud of you!!
Angela Chaman $56
Great job Adina!!! So proud of you!
Mojgan Ostad $100
So proud of you ❤️