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Yael,Dalia & William Dilamani $100
Kol hakavod
Michelle Namdar $180
So proud of you Kayla!!
Mousa And Mahin Zar $50
Bibi would be proud of you!!
Friends Of Israel Bonds & Israel Stamps & Israel Flag $50
Albert Basal $50
Active Mashadi soldiers who presently are serving at IDF
Amram& Elinor Tehrani $126
We are so proud of u!!!!
Esther Soleimani $126.00
I am so proud of you and thank you for giving me this tremendous zechut, I love you.
Shiva Hakimian $13
Moshe Hakimi $1260
Dinah Azizi $26.00
Tzku lemitzvot!! We are very proud of you Kay!
Austen & Parker $50
Thank you Kayla for the opportunity! Well done!
Soheila Kalatizadeh $1000.00
Great job kayla