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DG $180
Shawndra Saffer Spiro $5
Emma Rubinov-Divin $3.00
Anonymous Sponsor $2
RB $20
Levy’s $118
Jeff Lee $50
Good luck
The One Who Took The Pic Of You Above... $180
Run Ariel Run! :)
Rachel Semana $126.00
in honor of Ledicia Semana
Sabbah Family $550
In honour of our courageous mother and grandmother
Etti Bitton $180.00
Good luck Ariel !!! We are so proud of you
Temple Family $100.00
Michael Sabbah $126.00
For my Arielito!
Anonymous Sponsor $26.00
You're a mensch
Liora Lasry $350
From my Bat Mitzvah gifts - Mazaltov!
Jake $54
Les CoSca $150
Gerofsky Family $118.00
Joseph Perez $52
In honour of my brave wife and family.