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Claire & Jesse Farkas $36.00
Go Tash! This is awesome. We will be thinking of you and sending good running vibes on March 20th! Xo Claire & Jesse
Ilyse, Teddy, Charlie & Daisy $180.00
We adore you and are so proud of you!
Aunty Sam, Uncle Jake, Yaf, Nav & Rey $180
Go Tash Go! Love you!
Brenda & Jerry Enchin $180
In honour of
Kate Bogomolny $36
Wow! Good for you!! GOOOO Tash! :)
Frances Enchin $36
Way to go Natasha!
Baila And Marv $118.00
proud if you and your achievements
Amy Freedman $270
Go for it
Paul Freedman $280
Auntie Marsh And Uncle Si $54
You go girl!
Uncle Howie And Aunt Cheryl $118.00
So thrilled for you!
Joel And Bruce $54.00
Have a great race Tash!
Laura Bogomolny & Christopher Flavelle, Hannah, Leo And Benjamin $54
Barb, Bob, Samantha And Noah Palter $54.00
Go Tash!
Candice Esbin $180.00
Way to go Tash
From The Arbuck Family $75.00
Anonymous Sponsor $72
Arbess Family $54
Go Tash go!
Anonymous Sponsor $1000