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Mom & Dad $360
Jared, Barbi, Miranda And Micah $118
Elana And Phil $72
Kol hakavod Rachel!!
Paula And Henry Pukier $180.00
We are so proud of you for supporting this very worthwhile cause.
Pat And Paul $100
Adam,Casey,Avi,Noa,Mara $36
We’re proud of you Rachel!
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Go, Rachel!
Tuppy And Ron Carnie $50.00
Yay Rachel!!
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Auntie Helene And Uncle Bernie $72.00
Run Rachel run! For a great Cause
Susan , Ron, Noah, Daniel $72
Go Rachel Go!!
Rhonda, David, Dylan, Jesse And Julia Innes $54.00
Uncle Jack $54.00
Run Straight Have Fun
Jake And Rory $36.00
So proud of you!
Barbi Levitt $180.00
Good job Rachel!!!! Have an amazing time
Heidi, Shael, Gavin, Mia $36
Good luck Rachel!
Trevor Kirsh $50
Susan Kellner $54.00
Sharon And Allan, Jason And Ira $100.00
Auntie Felice And Uncle Wayne $100
Sabina Green And Albert Green (Bubby & Zaidy) $100.00
Sooo proud of you--it's a great cause--good luck!!!
Auntie Lisa & Uncle David $100.00
Rachel- We are so proud of you! Have a great run!
Erin, Darren, Abbey, Shane, Charlie & Willow $36.00
What an amazing cause!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Natalie And Jeff Kirsh $72
Go Rachel!
Robin, David & Aaron $100
Franklin Pulver & Annalee Cohen $50
Way to Go!!! Rachel.....
Darcy Lake $57
Good Luck Rachel!
Jonathan Pollack And Sacha Hayward $100
Abbe Goldman And Jon Anschell $180
Mazel tov, Rachel! Have a great run.
Brian Pukier $223.00
Brian Puikier $50.00