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Kenny Book $54.00
Good luck!!
Coplin Family $18.00
Best of luck in Israel!!
Ruth Book $104.00
Iris Friedman $36
Nancy Gordon $50.00
Best of luck
Marcia And Steve Greenfield $125
Good luck from Grandma and Granddaddy!
James And Alison Myska $72.00
In a time when many people - kids and adults - are turning inward, you are showing one of the characteristics of the Avot, namely compassion. May your efforts have a brachah form Hashem and may you continue to grow in your middot.
Dave & Deb Sloan $18
Dr. Erica And Mr. Mike $18.00
Way to go, Jacob! We love your spirit of service! Happy running!
Sholom Simon $36.00
Yasher Koach -- and Hatzlacha Rabba!
The Novikov Family $25.00
Marcia & Michael Zedd $54
Very important of you to give of yourself. Train well, be well, enjoy the preparation and the marathon.
Leah Litman $36.00
Way to go Jacob!
Dorit And Ben Paz $72
יישר כחך יעקוב
Brian E Berman $100.00
AnnEllen And Ed Feltcorn $54.00
Michael Frame $18.00
Roberta And Isadore Schoen $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Mandy And Robert Book $180
We are so proud of your sweet and giving spirit, Jacob - Kol HaKavod!
Glenn & Marie Taubman $36
Mazal tov and Hatzlachah. So wonderful to help Israel 🇮🇱!!!
Victoria & Rick Lupia $36
Pamela Deichman $36
Albert And Esther Goetz $54.00
Happy to support you in this mitzvah!
Eliot Goldberg $36
Jane Shichman $54.00
Way to Go Jacob Book!
Bob Greenfield $200
Best of luck Jacob. You make the family very proud.
Sam And Mindy Cramer $54.00
Raisa Pines $18.00
Thank you for doing such a great mitzvah. Hatzlacha!
Levieddin Family $50.00
Kol Hakavod Jacob!! May you continue to be a source of nachos to your family and community!!
The Graysons $25
Kol Hakavod to you, Jacob. You're running for a great cause!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Way to go Jacob!!
Lawrence Friedman $50.00
Malka Popper $18
Go Team Berman!
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Don't forget to eat lots of pasta!
Elizabeth, Alexander, Zippy, Hannah And Asher Kratz $100.00
Great job Jacob!
The Goldstein Family $18
This is amazing. Behatzlecha.
Naomi Carmel $18
Anonymous Sponsor $10
The Elgamil’s $18
Good luck from the Elgamil’s!
Marci Benheim $18.00
Best of Luck!
Schoen Family $54.00
Tizku L’mitzvot
Helen Taubman $18
It is great that you are supporting Israel 🇮🇱 in this way. Enjoy and be safe!
Menachem Myers $18
Gary & Shu-Chen Cuff $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $108
Steve&Susan Rosenblum $90
Alana And Brett Fine $50.00
Way to go Jacob!
The Isaacson $39.00
Yashar koach Jacob! Bahatzlacha Rabah!
Marc Greenfield $100
Mark Miller $36
Wishing you all the best!!
Sholom Deitsch And Chabad Nova $154
Jacob, thank you for all you do at chabad, not only the weekly cholent!
Julia Book $36.00
You go Jacob!
Judy Mehlman $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Gorin Family $36.00
Mazal tov!
Ilana Sultan And Ronnie Reisler And The Sultan-Reisler Family $36
Yesher Koach Jacob!