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Irwin R Kramer $100
I'm very proud that you are raising funds for such a worthwhile cause.
Sander Smith $18.00
Go Shira!
Denny Rudolph $50.00
Shira, run like the wind...πŸ‘πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ
Babka Kramer $170.00
Slay kid! 😘
The Mom $100
So proud of my baby girl!
Cristin Stifler $5.00
Very Proud of you
Richard And Pat Morgan $300
You are adding to the good in the world.
Aliza And Aaron Tendler $50
Wow, Shira!! You are an amazing inspiration to us all!!
John Stevens $100
I am ALWAYS proud of everything Shira does!
Grandma And Grandpa $180.00
We are so enthralled by our older favorite granddaughter
The Benor's $80.00
אΧͺΧ” השראה ΧœΧ›Χ•ΧœΧ Χ•
Aunt Jess And Uncle Saul $180.00
We are so proud of you Rah Rah!
Doug And Florence Abramson $100.00
Michael And Eileen Stang $150.00
We're so proud of you.
Kent Muhly $50
Sounds exciting! I hope you win!!!
Judith Carle $36.00
Shira , we are so proud of you !
Dizza And Barry Levy $100
We are so proud of you
Neil And Ronit Rubin $18.00
Jane And Allan Kaufman $25.00
What a lofty goal!! You can do it!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Morah Meister $18
Go Shira! You are an incredible inspiration.
Tali Gheiler $25
Good luck Shira! Love u!
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Lee J Richmond $36.00
Mikel Garner $20.00
Michael Feder $50
Keep making a difference. Gooooo Shira !
Danny Dadon $100.00
Erela Imanoel $40.00
So proud. XOXO
Janet, Stuart, Brian And Matt Levy $100.00
So proud of you!
Dwek Fam $200
We LOVE you Shira
Melissa Shear $50.00
Reanna Jacobs $100.00
πŸ‘Έ you rock πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’―πŸ˜˜
Orit And Ben Benor $173
We are proud of u, good luck
Ryan & Shira (#2) Levy $36
Always so proud of you!