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Babaka And Ora Imanoel $100
Shalom And Aviva Kovacs $25
Way to go, Erela!
The Zarinkhou Family $100.00
In honor of our dear Erela. We are so proud of you!
Ora And Mike Noorani $25.00
Such a great cause!!
Bahareh Imanoel $50.00
Bita Imani $100
What a beautiful cause. Best of luck to you
Steven Samuelson $50
Yehuda Oratz $36
Laurie And Mike Kott $36.00
What a wonderful cause!
The Moss Family $50.00
Julia & Amit Peled $50
Wonderful project!
Mayer & Noa Solomon $10.00
Good Luck!!
Tali Gheiler $25
Happy birthday Erela!
Shira $40.00
Erela, I can't wait till we're conquering the hills of Zion together!😘
Lily Black $36
What an amazing cause Erela!
Eti Froimovich $36
Mazal tov Erela!!! I am so proud of you for participating in this amazing Mitzvah.
Nina And Yitz Cusner $54
Yasher Koach, Erela!
Rachel And Slava Katz $40.00
Eli And Mila Burman $100
Great cause!
Dr. N, Dr. Z, Dr. H Schorr And Lizzy! $100.00
Mazal Tov Erela and Kol HaKavod Lach!
Carla AND MIichael Steinberg $50
Israel & Joelah Orange $36
Amazing Erela!!An amazing cause!!
Elliot And Toby, Yisrael Matan And Oshral Kaplowitz $40
Good Luck Erela
Liora & Ed Schlesinger $100
Good luck! Great Cause!
Jacob & Julia Bashyrov $40
Lisa And Andy Diamond $40.00
Aviv And Hillary Spivack $40
Good luck
The Hammond Family $50.00
Erela, you are amazing!
Brian And Jean Levin $50.00
Liba Benus $50
Go Erela!
Tara & Simon Cornberg $360
Hatzlacha! And Kol Hakovd!
Mazal Imanoel $50
Renee Koplon $36
Cindy And Robert Stein $40.00
David, Teri, Caleb & Aidan $50.00
Such a great cause
Rachel And David Warschawski $100.00
Kol Hakavod, Erela! This is very worthy cause, and you did an incredible job preparing for your fundraiser. It turned out beautifully! We are so proud of you!!
Saman & Niloofar Souri $40
Dear Erela! Great job for a Great cause.
Nahid Ohevshalom $50.00
we are so proud of you ,continue on your accomplishment hope you achieve your goals as always.
Sally & Howard Goldstein $180.00
Burton Cusner $36.00