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Rabbi Yoni Pollock $18.00
Go get em! Proud of you!
Joy Kaufman $72.00
Elaine Geist $100.00
Mazel Tov Meira! So so proud xo Bubbie
Joy Friedman $50
Way to go Meira!
Chana Oksemberg $50
Way to go and Happy Birthday
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Run, Meira, Run!
Jaclyn Zosky $18.00
Good Luck! You rock this!
Liora Jacob ₪180
In memory of my father Milton Houpt who loved running. Good luck Meira!
Annie Kammer $36.00
Hazlacha rabba Meira! Good for you go help this worthy cause.
The Poppers $36.00
We are so proud of you!!
Oryah Bensalmon $10
Happy birthday meira! Go get em
Leboff Family Charitable Foundation $118.00
From Bruce and Lianne Leboff
Avi Glina $180
Howard Glowinsky $36
Dr.David Feinstein Abd Reesa Tessler Feinstein $118.
Kol hakavod!
Hershel Ganz $10
Anonymous Sponsor $120
Sorrie Javasky $54.00
So proud of you!
Nathan Disenhouse $72.00
Yasher Koach
Philip Taller $72
Mark Halpern $18.00
Evelyn & Ernest Rady $300.00
Evan J Geist $100.00
Robert Grunwald $100
Anonymous Sponsor $25.00
Lloyd & Jackie Harbron $90.00
Russell Gottschalk $100
Rosalind E Geist And Nelson Geist $100.00
Josh Cons $50
Keep up the good work buddy
Les And Lisa Aaron $50.00
Uncle Elliot $69
Good luck reet. Hope u don’t get Corona. Much love from ur favorite bud
Abraham And Elke Blinick $100
Way to go Meira
Glina And Tesler Fund $360.00
The Frooms $100
Hatzlacha ! So proud of you
Anonymous Sponsor $18