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Jessica Sukhodolsky $36.00
Way to go Sara!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
In memory of Ira Weinstein
Shuki Nissan $18
Rabbi David And Barbara Radinsky $18.00
Charna Schubert $36
So proud of you , Sara!
Josh And Elana Kahane $180.00
We are so proud of you and your efforts!
Abby Rivera $15.00
Robin And Sergio Musicante $50.00
Anat & Ricky Kampf $36.00
Way to go, Sara!
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Shayna Somer Somer $50
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Achim & Anne Berger $180.00
Kol HaKavod Sara !! You always made Dr Ira A"H so proud, and although I miss his wit & wisdom so much, he will surely be pulling you thru the " ההרים והגבהות " of Israel as you run. Chazak v'Ematz !!
Ben Baer $36
Mark D Wender $25
Rabbi Akiva & Layala Males $18
Michelle Katz $50.00
Scott And Suzanne Baum $54
Sarah Braha $36.00
Go Sara!
Caren, Barney, And Matthew Abis $100
We loved Dr. Ira!
Nathan & Alla Lubin $100
Dr. Martha Gordon $200.00
You are great Sara!
Ariel Hahn $10
Jamie And Ruvi Gibber $18
Good luck!
Cooper Hotels $250
Aileen and Pace, Tova and David, and Laurie and Donny wish Sara great luck in leading the way at Team Shalva's Marathon Run!
Tova And David Cooper $54.00
Penina And Elliot Wender $36.00
Way to go Sara! This is a tough race as you already know, and a great cause!
Samuel Moscovitch $100
Love Papa!!! Run Sara Run
Sarah And Raffie Freiden $18.00
Go Sara!!
Cindi Weinstein $10.00
Cindi Weinstein $5.00
Cindi Weinstein $10.00
Deena Davidovics $10.00
Diane Mendelson $10.00
Carolina Mewl $10.00
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Anonymous Sponsor $41.00
Arlynn Mirvis $18.00
David Smith $100.00
Dessie Sewel $54.00
Chana Dina & Yoel Goldblatt $36
Aunt Stephanie And Uncle Marc $36
What a meaningful way to remember Popa Ira
Gary D Lawson Sr $100.00
Proud of you Sara.
LE Weinstein $42
Aryeh And Adina And Esti Samberg $100.00
Deborah Weinstein $200
Benjamin Heller $10.00
Good luck
Stacy And Josh Sanderson $36.00
Way to go!
Becky Weinstein $60.00
In memory of the greatest man we know our Papa, I love you Sara!!