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Amalia Littwin $18
Nava Krieger $54
Go Ilana!!
Abigail Rivera $18
Go Ilana! I love you so much. I’m so proud of you ❤️
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Go get ‘em girlie!
Ayala Kowalsky ₪rn360
You’re amazing!!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
I am so proud of you! Go getter Leibo. PS. I feel asleep during the first movie
Liza K $50.00
U go gurl !! Mwau
Shoshana Kohanghadosh Kohanghadosh $20.00
Ilana I’m so prou d of you! Your doing an amazing job changing people lives! You should always be on the giving end.
Your Bro! $50
Bina Weiss $18
Tizku Lmitzvot!! SOO proud:)
Rachel Leah Gold $18.00
Go Ilana!!
Anonymous Sponsor $120.0
Yayyyy mitzvah girl!! Tizku L’mitzvot!!!
Michelle Katz $25.00
Good luck !
Your Bro $100.00
Go Lanz!!
Hillel Kraines $18
We're so proud of you Ilana! Love, Hillel, Kayla, & Chava Leah
Ashley Kanarek $36.00
U go girl!!! Good luck!! Love u
Elisheva Cooper $36.00
To my best friend Ilana Leibowitz: Never forget how amazing you are!! Keep doing more and more mitzvos like always!! Keep changing the world Ilana!! Hashem loves you!!! I love you always. FP forever.❤️
Esther Weinreb $36.00
Ilana, enjoy this amazing experience!!! You're awesome. Tizkeh L'mitzvos!! Love you
GO GIRL $18.00
Rivka May $100
Chani Leibowitz $85
Go get’m G!! 😘
Anonymous Sponsor $30.00
Uncle David & Aunt Stephanie $36.00
May you go from strength to strength! We. R. So proud of You!
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Run for our lives!
Jordan Segev $180
Allyson Perkal $54
So proud of you Ilana! Love the perkals
Ari $180
I Love You More! $48.00
Ilana!! So proud of you! Keep being you!!
Bracha Leibowitz $60
U got this Lanz!! I’m shepping😘
Louis And Elke Chapman $100.00
Very proud of you to take on this tremendous effort for such a worthy cause. Love uncle Louis and Aunt Elke
Anonymous Sponsor $75.00
Sister From Another Mister $50.00
Sarah Sasson $18.00
You’re awesome!! Tizku le’mitzvot!!!
Hinda Leibowitz $600
Miri Tischler $18.00
Ur amazing!! Good luck!!
The Freidens $18.00
Go ilana!!
Sammy Moscovitch $100
Race you to the finish line!! Hope to see you there
Hillary Safier $18.00
Yael Kaye $18.00
Go Ilana!!!!
Liz Alexander $36.00
Keep up the good work
Serena And Yael Cooper $36.00
We know you will be awesome! Good luck!
Sophie Wruble $50.00
Good luck!!!!
Belinda Schwartz $50.00
Sara Kutliroff $18
Go Ilana!! -Dafna
Drew Alexander $36.00
Natalie Abrams $72
You go girl! Cheering you on from Canada!
Bracha $100
Rock in Sista🥳
Aliza Leibowitz $15
Love you Lanz ❤️ I’m so proud of you your gonna do amazing and have so much fun!!
Shprintze Genendel $13
For refua shleima, soon by you, nur simchas
Sarah Kline $15.00