Brenna Pearlstein

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Nancy Dallek
We are so proud of you! love, Mom & Dad
Ari, Lanie And The Girls
Happy Running Brenna, your grandfather was a special man!
Eric Roxanne & Tamar Levine
Go Brenna Go!!
Ira And Rona Kellman
We encourage your continuing involvement in tzedaka activity.
Deborah, Jay, Liana, Sam And Oriyan
We love you Brenna! Your leadership in this extraordinary organization is a testament to the amazing young woman you are. Go baby go!
Miriam Schacter And Benjy Gampel
Brenna, we're so proud of you .... Poppy was so proud of you. Love you!
Yael Slonim & Jack Nahmod
Kol hakavod Brenna! You’re an amazing young woman. Your grandfather would be so proud of your generosity of spirit and kindness.
Kellie And Elisha Rothman
We loved you grandfather very much and miss him dearly. Keep up your amazing work.
Anonymous Sponsor
Barbara Gochberg And Steve Pretsfelder
Enjoy the run!
Suzanne Toporovsky
In memory of your grandfather
Sarit Horwitz & Abe Schacter-Gampel
We love you Brenna!
Nancy And Dov Lerea
Go Team Shalva! Go Brenna!
Rachel Aranoff
Good luck and have fun!
Shelley And Ruvan Cohen
We know that your grandfather's pride in you knew no bounds during his life and will continue forever. Go Brenna!
Dorothy & Dick Bernstein
What a wonderful thing you are doing. We're so proud of you!
Anonymous Sponsor
Rachel, Moriah, Pardes, Keter & Ness
Good luck Brenna!
Hannah And Brian Meister
gooo brenna! xo
Susan Sapiro
Go, Brenna! Susan, Lewis, Aliza and Bina
Jackie & Oren
Go Brenna!
Rosalyn & Stephen Rothman
Leah And Daniel Bendavid
Go Brenna!
Michael, Idana, Noam, Shai & Mali
In honor of your continued efforts on behalf of Shalva.
Shana Bloom & Ben Berg
So proud of this amazing effort! Go Brenna!
Miriam And Tom Gold
Best of luck -- go girl go!
Worenklein Family
tizku l'mitzvot
Anonymous Sponsor
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3000
Last March, I had the incredible opportunity to run a 10K in the Jerusalem Marathon with Team Shalva. The time I spent in Israel for the run was one of the most inspirational weekends I’ve ever experienced. As co-president of Team SAR for Shalva, I am incredibly grateful that I will be running again this year along with 30 other SAR High School students.

When I ran last year, I had the privilege of running in honor of the 90th birthday of my grandfather, Godfrey. This year, I will be running in his memory. Poppy passed away during Chol Hamoed Pesach which was the first time I had seen him after returning from Israel. I was so excited to tell him about my experience and, especially, to let him know that it was his words, “Pretend there’s a tiger chasing you, Brenna!” that got me across the finish line. Poppy taught me the importance of tzedakah, our responsibility to help others in need, and to never take anything in life for granted. It is with great pride that I run this 10K to remember and honor all that he taught me.

I have committed to raising $3,000 for Shalva: The Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel. This organization provides a complete range of therapies, programs, and respite care for children with disabilities. who exceed boundaries and shine in ways never thought possible. Shalva also provides much-needed peace of mind to families of these children. When my team and I visited the Shalva Center in Jerusalem last March, we were blown away by the dedication of the staff who care for the children with warmth and love. Shalva is a truly magical place for these kids.

It would mean so much to me if you helped in my fundraising effort to help the Shalva kids and to commemorate my grandfather, Godfrey Dallek ז”ל.