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Mandy And Robert Book $180
Mr. O’Mahony $5
Jacob Book $5
Marcia And Stephen Greenfield $100.00
Good luck, Jacob. Love from Grandma and Granddaddy.
Rick & Victoria Lupia $326
Do good work! Go, Jacob!
Shields Family $10
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Lewis Book $180.00
We are very proud of you!
Elizabeth And Alexander Kratz $100
Kol hakavod Jacob!
Goldschlag Family $72
What a wonderful organization!
Glenn & Marie Taubman $36
Mazal tov Jacob, enjoy the hills and valleys of Yerushalayim!!
Shana And Sholom Simon $18.00
Brian & Dafna Berman $501.00
Kol Hakavod!
David Cohen $36
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Go Jacob!
Ted And Aviya Isaacson $100.00
Yashar koach Jacob! May Hashem grant you lots of success.
Hagit And Shamai Leibowitz $18.00
Kol Hakavod, Jacob!
Frame Family $50
Great job - Good luck!
Rabbi Matisyahu Tonti $36
David Goldstein $90.00
JIm And Ali Myska $90.00
Jacob, this is a great cause and you show a great deal of maturity and compassion in working to support it. Much hatzlachah!
Jacob Book $100
Anonymous Sponsor $200
Dorit, Ben, Danielle, Yoni And Avia $180.00
We are so very proud of you!!!!
Hinda Deitsch $18.00
The Lamar Family $36
The Cramer Family $100.00
Julia Book $90
It's a good thing you're doing, Jacob!
Diane & Stephen Goldbloom $18.00
Louis Caplan $25
Good luck! I'm hoping do do the full marathon next year. Pass on any tips you might learn. :-)
Arlene Katz $10
Naomi Elimelech $40
Tyler Berenson $18
Tizku lMitzvot!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
You did it, I'm so proud of you, Now good luck on the race!
Marc Greenfield $154
Good luck!