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Marnie & Scott Black $180.00
Go Einav! We are so proud of you!
Barry Best $54
Good luck, Einav
Blair Muss And Eddie Izso $200.00
Dearest Einvav wishing you much luck and Mazel for this cause Love always, Tantapoopsie and Uncle Eddie xo
Shayna & Peter Bentley $100.00
Dearest Einav: You're such an inspiration! You got this! Keep making your family and friends proud of you!
Meyer & Rochel Silber $100
Good Luck Einav- keep on making your parents proud!
Anonymous $10.00
The Sugar Loaf Greenfields $36.00
Have a great run Einav - you got this!
Amanda Nussbaum And Daniel Laifer $100.00
Gene Kozlov $54
Avraham Rosenshein $100.00
This is your mystery macaroni
Dalia Baum $18.00
Annonymus $10
Sharyn And Rick Cohn $18.00
You make us very proud!
Chaya Friedman $180.00
Good Luck!! Love that you are doing this!
Sheila Guyer $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $30.00
Love you Einav😘 Lol this is from Ava
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Adena Rosenthal And Scott Weinberg $100.00
We are so proud of you and wish you lots of mazal in this endeavor!
Bill & Bev Lebeau $100.00
Way to go, Einav!
The Rabbi Dr. Leo Jung Memorial Fund $100.00
Ruth Lewittes $50.00
The Tarlowe-Jonas Family $100
Good luck Einav! It's so great you are doing this!
Jacob Worenklein $180.00
Dear Einav, It is so wonderful of you to do this great act of Chesed. Love, Cindy and Jay Worenklein
Naomi & Carl Lopkin $50.00
All the best!
Lily Kaplan $180.00
Mindi Tuchman $18
Emily Rosenfeld $100.00
Can’t wait to run with you!! Love you 💓
Heidi And Jeff Abraham $100
Adena Lebeau, Jeff, Ezra, And Kira Kress $50.00
Have a great run Einav!
Lisa Rockman $54
Deborah And Robert Marcus $36
Great job!
Savta Eudice Greenfield $300.00
So proud of you! Have a great time running for this wonderful tzedaka. Love you!
The Modiin Kaplans ₪36
Einav! We are super proud of you and can't wait to see you!