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Sharona Reiss $36.00
Go Jess!
Nechemiah And Sara Gail Reiss $50.00
Good Luck Jessica!
Lisa Rockman $54
Go Jess Go!
Shalom, Elaine & Emily $50
Proud of you Jess!!
Sarah And Avrumi Bram $50.00
Miss you!
Tzippy Ronen $18.00
Sheila And Sherman Simanowitz $25.00
Good Luck! Kol Hakod
Shani Folkman $100
Kol Hakavod Jess!
Rivka Reena, Uncle Mike And The Gang :) $100
Kol HaKavod, Jessica!!! We're so proud of you!!
Sara Gail And Nechemiah Reiss $75.00
Good Luck Jessica, from Safta & Zaidi
Judy And Allen Hymowitz $36.00
Best Wishes for a Great Year from Allen & Judy Hymowitz
Fruma Reiss $36
Run Jess, Run!!
Baba Mehler, Esther & David $100
Love, Baba, Esther and David
Sara Gail Reiss $30.00
Good Luck from Rosalie & Teddy Berman, Jerusalem.
Deborah Rinn $36
Good luck Jess!!
Anonymous Sponsor $64.00
Esther Blumenfrucht $40.00
Go Jess, go!!! Love, Esther
Daniel Perla $100
Go Jessica. You are awesome. Love, Danny and Valerie