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Tamar And Dov $36
Go Leah! So proud of you!
Mona And Itzy Weinberger $180.00
Go Leah. We are so proud of you!
Francine & Jon Herbitter $180.00
Go Leah !!!
Michal And Ari Zahtz $50
Good luck Leah!
Aryeh And Gabi Moskowitz $54.00
Shira And Binny Hahn $72
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Go Leah!
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Go Leah!!
Dalia And Efraim Nagel $36
Wishing you the best of luck, Leah! Tizku L'Mitzvot!
Rachelle Stepner $54.00
What a great goal. Good luck!
Avi & Aviva Vogel $100
Kol Hakavod!
Sara And Chaim Zakheim $50
What an amazing event to be a part of. Go Leah!
Cara & Xiomara $54
We are so proud of you!
Tammi & Bennett Schachter $50.00
Good luck Leah!!! Have an amazing trip
Moshe Zwebner And Family $360.00
Amazing. Great job.
Elissa And Eric Melzer $54
Best of luck Leah for a great cause!
Lisa And Moshe Benjamin $72
Good Luck!!
Sanford Jacoby $180
Go Leah!!
Leora And Abie Cohen $54
Tal And Josh $54
Go Leah!! We’re so proud of you!
Daniel Posner $180
Go Leah!
The Welfelds $54
Chaikie & Jason Berg & Family $36.00
Good luck!
Cara And Ron Aduculesi $36
Good luck Leah!
Rudy, Brenda, Jack & Joe $50
Have a great time!
Keiser Family $250.00
good luck
Donny Feldman $54.00
Really proud of you, Leah!
Anonymous Sponsor $315
Dahlia And Michael Rosen And Family $180.00
Great job Leah! We love you!!
Tali & Brian Kardon $50.00
Jacqueline & Elliot Hamburger $50.00
Mona & Isaac Weinberger $20.00
David Silver $55.00
Naomi & Dan Weinberger $30.00
Shelley And Bruce Badner $50
Good Luck Leah!