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Esther Mael $100
Rubin Family $50.00
Hatzlacha Rabba!!!
Kenneth Greif $300.00
I'm guessing you run faster than you father
Avi Moche $180
Good luck!
Mandy & Rubin $180
Yay Eliezer!!
Jeremy Ascher $25
Etty & Daniel Herschberg $72.00
Have fun!
Eliezer Spirgel $180.00
Charles Spirgel $300.00
Blair Axel $500
Go Eliezer ! As usual, your Dad was wrong.
Tabakin Family $25
So proud of you!!
The Woodmere Spirgels $100
Tizke L'mitzvos
Rochelle Moche $180.00
Best of luck!
LEnore Ades $72.00
Debbie And Saul Bienenfeld And Family $250.00
Go Eliezer! We are So proud of you!
Team Shalva Bake Sale $112
Anonymous Sponsor $144.00
The Harkhams $80.00
GO Eliezer!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00