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Ema And Abba $250
So proud that you chose this meaningful way to remember an amazing sister, daughter, aunt, mother, grandmother and so much more. Kol hakavod!
David Rosenberg $100
Supporting you in this important cause in memory of Becky
Jael Kurtz ₪360
Tamar, we are so proud of you and touched that you will be honoring Becky's name in this way. We love you! שתזכי למצוות ותמשיכי מחיל אל חיל
Sandra & Joseph Greenberg $100
In memory of Becky
Lanny Schwartzfarb $100.00
All the best for your work for this worthy cause in honor of Becky
Eli Glen Hoch $47
Looking forward to the video of you “running”
Beth And Jerry Schiff $100.00
What a beautiful tribute to Becky, the neshoma should have an aliya.
Nathan Hellmann $250.00
In loving memory of Rebecca Hellmann
Dvora Friedman $100.00
Go Tamar! 👊
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Dina And Steven Selesny $100
Run! Tamar Run!
Aunt Barbara And Uncle Richard $180
B'hatzlacha. We think that you doing this mitzvah is wonderful.
Julie Levinson $100
A beautiful, meaningful cause, Tamar. May Becky's, z'l, memory be a blessing. You can be very proud to participate in this mitzvah! Love, The Levinsons
Anonymous Sponsor $150
Team Shalva Bake Sale $112
Anonymous Sponsor $862.37
Yechiel & Pessie Rothschild $100
Thank you Tamar. We’re so proud of you!!
Meir & Julie Golding $100.00
Kol hakavod Tamar!