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Kaufman Family $18.00
Good Luck Yeshurin! Tizku Lmitzvohs
Berman $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $360
Project Verify-Yoni Barash✔️✔️✔️ $5
From Project Verify ✔️✔️✔️
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Judah $360.00
Michael Binder $180.00
In Honor of Yeshurun Sorscher Good Luck!!!
Chaya And Allan $100
Go Yeshurin!!!
Menachem Tzvi $26
Just keep running
Blima, Eli, And Sarah $54
Hatzlacha raba!!
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Go Yeshurin!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Go Yeshurin!!!!
Steve Neumann $58
From thencouple you met on east 28th Street and decided to ask. We’re happy you did! Go get em!
Zevi Pancer $18.00
Chaya Yehudis Rubin $36
Go Yeshurin!
Adira Sorscher $380
Naomi And Jerry Haber $180
Shuri- we’re so proud of who you’ve become! You couldn’t have picked a better organization to support!
Jacob Nefoussi $26
Project Verify ✔️✔️✔️ $5
See you soon! From Project Verify ✔️✔️✔️
Lillian Eliezer $52.00
Go Yesurun !!
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Kol HaKavod-
Michelle, Artie, And Yitzy $54
Good luck! We’re so proud of you!
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Blaze a trail, Yeshurin!
Rachel Uretsky $20.00
Adina Firestone $53
Elliott Fiber $100.00
Good luck!! The Fibers are all so proud of you !!
Raizy Tauber $100
For a great organization and a terrific young man. Go Yeshurin!
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Bracha and hatzlocha!!!!
Alisa Weinrib $100
What an amazing cause - thank you for letting me help support you in this endeavor. Good Luck!
The Brooklyn Community $159
Anonymous Sponsor $72.00