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Michelle Smith $100
Good luck Michal, I know you can do this!
Rivki Smith $100.
Go Michal! We 💕 u! The smiths
Devorah Bodenheim $100
Good luck!!
Aryeh Samuels $18.00
Hey Michal!
Mommy And Larry $650.00
Soooo proud of u ❤️❤️
Susie Chovev $72.00
So proud of you!
Elana Btesh $26.00
Esther Wein $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Go michal!!!
Zayde And Bubby Wolowitz $200.00
keep doing mitzvos!! we love you and are so proud of you!
Tanta Chana Laya $200.00
Rachel Lasry $50.00
Best of luck!!!!!!
Shira Halon $25.00
Love you, Michal! So proud of you!❤️
Aliza Rieder $36.00
Good Luck Michal!
Miriam Ackerman $36.00
Good luck Michal!!
Esther Abramov $180.00
Best of Luck Michal from the Abramovs
Rivky Weissman $100
Good luck Michal!
Yehuda Tzvi And Shani $18
good luck!
Ariella Daniel $50
xoxo eytan tzion
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Go Michal!!! תזכי למצוות
Chaya Gordon $100.00
Go Michal! So proud of you!!
Abbie And Gitty Spetner $100
congratulations Michal , break a leg
Yanky And Gingi Ehrenfeld $100
Go for it Michal!
Alan And Shaily Intrator $180
Frayde Rapp Goldsmith $100
U go girl !
Esther Maron $72.00
Lexi Szafranski $7.00
Abe And Devorah Meisels $50.00
Good luck Michal