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Shani Chill $18
Pori I am so proud of you!!
Rivka And Andrew Silverberg $180.00
Good luck—what an amazing thing to do—al proud of you!!
Kira Solomon $18.00
YOURE AMAZING !!!! Good luck Pori
Jonathan Eichler $36
U owe me a lot of water bottles
Bentzy And Rena Chill $100
Elisheva & Avishai Neuman $180.00
We are so proud of you Pori!!
Hadassah Lampert $75.00
Good luck and Tizku limitzvos!!!!
Dani And Rena Neuman $18
Go Tzipori! Tizku l'mitzvos!
Bubbie And Zadie Chill $100.00
Keep up the good work. We love you
Joe And Michelle Berger $100
Way to go Tzipori! Can Ella come with?
Chaim And Phyllis Reiss $180.00
In honor of Tzipori.
Bobby And Zaide Eichler $180.00
Go Pori! We love you!
Bruria Eisner $100
Go Tzipori!!!! And THANKS for babysitting!!:)
Avi & Goldie Dreyfuss $100
Go Tzipora!!! can you run faster than Avi?
Orly, Sam And Carlie Glowitz $50
Ari Goodman $100
Mark Eidlisz $180
Congratulations but it’s your Dad who really needs to be doing the running
Chanoch And Chanale Lampert $100
Best of luck!
Chajala & Avi Lavon $40
Good Luck!
Lexi Szafranski $18.00
Good luck Pori!!
Leora Grossman $18.00
I love you you’re my best friend!!!
Rivka Meisner $50
You're awesome Pori!
Rivka Meisner $30
Aviva & Moshe Eichler $1000
We love you Pori! We are so proud of you xoxo Mommy & Abba
Shmulie & Penina Cohen $29
Wish we were running with you!