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Benjamin Gurvitch $36
Love you Sandy good luck!!!
Isabella Baruch $36
I love u Sandy!!!!
Neil Gurvitch $180.00
Go Sandy!!
Lori Bakwr-guevitch $25
Pamela Gurvitch $36.00
Good luck Sandy! I’m so proud of you! Love you!!!!! Xoxo
Megab Wietschner $36
Good luck!!!
Malky Mendel $100.00
Saulie Hakim $5
Cindy Rubin $36.00
Good Luck!!
Julie & Ross Weisman $36.00
Go Sandy!
Reva Matthew $36
Ellin Gurvitch $36
Sandy Gurvitch
Alexandra Degen $36
Good luck sandy!!!!
Barbara Berkowitz $100.00
Good luck Sandy!
Eden Bendory $36.00
Go Sandy!! Good luck!!!
Jacob Lumerman $36
You got this Dude!!!
Lesnick Family $36
Go Sandy!!
Jane & Steven Berkowitz $75.00
Jessie Tuchman $18
Go Sandy!!!! Miss you!!!!
Jamie And Ira Gurvitch $54.00
We are incredibly proud of you Sandy!
Anonymous Sponsor $11
Got you to 1000! See you there!
Elaine Rubel $25
Hanna And Ariel $50.00
Good luck!
Jennifer Berkowitz $50.00
Julia Elefant $36
Good luck sandy!! I love you!!!!
Roslyn Proctor $10.00
Alexandra Gurvitch $50.00
Go Sandy!
Michelle Slesinger $118.00
Go Sandy!
The Shulman Family $25.00
Ann And Larry Cohn $100
Yasher Koach!
Robin&Alan Parks $100.00
Arnie Braunstein $18.00
Much success on your challenge for the cause
Margy Rosenbluth $25.00
So proud of you!
Jay And Malky Spector $75.00
Go Sandy!
Julie Maresca $50
Atara, David, And Sam Berkowitz $50.00
Go Sandy!! We love you!!!
Perie Hoffman $36.00
Good luck Sandy!!! I love you!!
Elisa, Clint, Jake & Augusta Greenbaum $75
Kol HaKavod, Sandy (& Happy Birthday)!
Anonymous Sponsor $1021.00
Ellen Gross $36
You did it! So proud that you made the effort to make this world a better place.