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Joy Yardley £10
Denah Yardley £20
Lisa Dubow £20.00
A wonderful cause. I wish you happy running. Hope to see you very soon.
Gary Wernick £18
Good luck - remember start off slow you can always go quicker in the second half.
Philip Moleman £20.00
Very pleased that you support such a worthy cause
Rachael Alcobi £20
Good luck
Hilary Lewis £20.00
Jason And Sara Moleman £180.00
Hatzlacha Yehoshua! We are so proud of you for raising money for Team Shalva! Enjoy the run!
Anonymous Sponsor £25
Harvey Freeman £18.00
Good luck!
Sharon, Mark & Josh Mark Wakefield £20
Wishing you much success on your run for such a worthwhile cause xx
Family Harris £36.00
So proud of you! Run like the wind. We're cheering you on all the way. Always remembering your mother. Family Harris
Jonathan & Leo £18.00
Sounds like a great cause - we applaud your effort. Don't overdo it.
Mariam Joseph £40.00
Good luck! Extremely proud of you and I know your mum would have been too!
Pam And Norman Freedman £20.00
Good luck Yehoshua. Don't wear a yellow jacket.
Auntie Joy £40
Great cause, good luck !
Ann Frances Goldstein £40
Have a great time raising money for a great cause
Family Paley £25.00
Best of luck!!
Family Zajac London £20.00
We are so proud of you Yehoshua.
Rivka Greenwood £10.00
Keep on running
Shakil Alam £30.00
Well done Yehoshua, this is a great cause. What an amazing thing you are doing! We are all very proud of you. Wishing you the best of luck.
Anonymous Sponsor £36
Kol hakovod. Behatslacha. The Lews
Yank And Devra Kramer £36
We wish you all the very best for this great tzedaka challenge.
Sandy & Joe Bloomberg £36.00
Kol Hakovod to you, Yehoshua, for supporting this worthy tzedoko in such an energetic and heartfelt manner. Good luck and enjoy the experience.
Rabbi And Rebbetzen Ginsbury £18.00
Kol hakavod, Yehoshua - really proud and impressed that you're doing this. B'hatzlacha!
Betty And Asad Cohen £25
Caroline And Stephen Brower £30
Amazing wishing you loads of luck! Love Caroline and Stephen x
Sara Pearlman £20.00
Good luck!
Amanda Goodman £20.00
In loving memory of Ann Moleman. Your mother would have been very proud of you.
Jonathan & Ruth Dubow £20
Wishing you all the best and no sore feet for your worthy charity run.
Jessica Mendall £10
Good luck!!
Andrew Gilbert £50
into 4 figures
Gideon Denton £30
Nadia Alam £20
Anonymous Sponsor £10
Good luck
Benjamin Graham £10
Michoel & Chava Yardley $30
Yehoshua, may you continue to bring honor to Grandma's memory and be a source of continued Nachas to the entire extended family.
Tzipora Dowek $20
We are thrilled to join you in honoring the memory of Grandma and supporting this important cause. Tizkeh L'Mitzvos!
David £20
wishing you well
Elisheva & Avraham Tuvia Brander $18
Best wishes from your cousins in the US
Peter Arbeid £18
Better late than never!