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Didi Hutt $100.00
Go Kayla! So proud of you!
Brianna Halpern $10
Ur the best and sweetest girl!!! Good luck I love u ❤️❤️❤️
Sean Jensen $100.00
תזכו למצות
Sabrina Haghighat $15
This is amazing Kayla💗💗
Gary Orbach $100
Joshua Malekan $26.00
Proud of you.
Zuckerman Family $50
Go Kayla!!!
Beth Goldman $50
Talia & Sol Goldwyn $72.00
Rachel Hutt $40.00
So proud of you sis you’re amazing ❤️
Amy & Eric Hochberg $100
What a great thing to do! So proud of you!
The Danoff Family $100.00
May u and the children of Shalva always have a lot to smile about. Proud of u!
Sam + Eileen Terzi $100
Dina Ohebshalom Ohebshalom $100.00
Lucy Cohen $100
Dear Kayla, you bring joy to my life. Love, Bubbie.
Sherri Ghodsi $100.00
Good Luck! Go Kayla!
The Shusterman Family $50
Good luck!
Daniella Muller $72
Go kayla !!!
Karen Zalta $36.00
Way to go!
Rz $50
you're the best!
Gelberg Family $50
Good Luck!!!
Marcia And Daniel Orowitz $36.00
Good luck ♥️
Aviva And Mikey Rosenberg $50
way to go kayla!
Melvin Cederbaum $100.00
Mazel Tov, Kayla!
Atlas Family $36.00
Good luck!!
David Becker $250.00
Jenn And Ariella Hajibay $36
KaylA is amazing!
Leventhals $72.00
Keep on doing you!!
The Warshaws $360
So Proud of you!
Stephanie Vilinisky $100.00
You go !!!! your absolutely Awsome ‼️‼️‼️‼️
Paul Hutt $100.00
Peter Berman $100
So proud of you
Michele & Howie Schatz $50
Go Kayla! 🏃🏻‍♀️
Robin Muss $50
Anonymous Sponsor $10.88
Galit Zborowski $50
Go Kayla! We are so proud of you! 👏👏
Roshan Family $100.00
Amazing! So proud
Sara And Andrew Feldschreiber $50.00
Go Kayla!!!