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Yehudah Papoff $36
Frances Hadfield $50.00
The Shostaks $80
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Zvi $54
That's my brother! So excited!
Lise Laberge $20.00
Go Michael Go!
Anna Sirota $54
Hazlocha Raba! In honor of my dear brother and sister-in-law David and Zena Zobin
Lazar Sarna $100
Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
Mazal Tov to 3 Generations of Zobins
Patricia $100.00
Awesome Michael! Good Luck!
Linda &Willy Lieberman $100.00
Wishing you success and special memories for participating in this most unique Mitzva !
Tricots Liesse (1983) Tricots Liesse 1983 Inc $260
JL $250
Mike Gallant $20.00
Wishing all 3 of you the very best !!
Raphi Wisebrod $18
David Novoseller $36.00
Kol hakavod Michael!
Brian Staples $50.00
Train hard & have fun!!.....Cheers....Brian
Your Little Sister Ora $118
I couldn’t be prouder of you!
Janet Kerr $50.00
"Do or do not, There is no try, Zobi-Wan Kenobi!"
Hassane Aneddame $40
Very Inspiring Michael! lâche pas
Cindy And Rafi Faust $100
Mommy And Daddy $100
Matthew Mogul $36
Howard Lohner $50
Way to go!
David Zviel ₪180
In honour of Michael Zobin - I truly admire you!
Zutty Sculnick $36
Joseph Rutman $180
Gordon & Roz Elkin $300
You are an inspiration to me
Anonymous Sponsor $90
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Aviva & Ami Drazin $100
Yasher Koach Michael. Cherish the Moment with your dad & Shalom
A Dear Friend Of The Zobin Family $270
In honor of David, Michael and Shalom. A true example of "Vehigadita Le'Vincha". Lots of Mazal and Bracha to all!
Alain & Risa Mamane $36
Yishar koach, Michael! Hatzlachah rabbah!
David Diner $54
Kol Hakavod