All Donors

Shoshi And Aron Portnoy $180
Keep up the incredible work! What a fantastic organization
Sarah, Jonathan, Marcus, & Maddie Wainberg $360
If you don't finish the marathon your father has to it next year wearing a Shtreimel!
Erika Eisner $100.00
Way to go!!
Ian Quint $180.00
Good luck Mia, call me for any tips!
Howard Szalavetz $360.00
Have a great run!!
Friend Of Hebrew Academy $100.00
Kol hakavod!
Ted Quint $100.
Ricardo And Gitty Goldschmidt $360
We are so proud of you! Great work!
David & Debra Segal $1000.00
We are very proud of you. Continue the great work. Love, Mimi & Zaidy
Ruth Drazin $100
Very proud of you Mia. Good luck!
Louis Drazin $540.00
To my beautiful & charming granddaughter k’ol Hakovod Bubby & Zaidy
Michelle Fireworker $54.00
Go Mia!!!
Elizabeth And Meir Israel $360
Kol Hakavod !!!
Tamara & Joe Berkowitz $360
We are so proud of you! We love you! Tamara & Joe and the girls
Lauren And Alvin Suissa $100.00
Go Mia! We are so proud of you!
Shulamit & Avram Holzer And Elior, Gilad, Lielle And Roni $360
Mazel tov ! Keep involving yourself with great causes like Shalva ! We love you and are so proud of you !
Dani & Jason Bokor $180
Go Mia! Good luck.
Karl Fallenbaum $100.00
We are so proud of you! Vanessa and Karl Fallenbaum
Edie & Phil Friedman $180
Run Mia Run!!