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Thomas Adler $180.00
Way to go to support a good cause.
David Cynamon $1800
David H. Davis $36.00
HI ERIC, from david h. davis and family. good luck on your run and enjoy Israel
Ron, Cindy And Kate Goelman $54.00
Way to go!
Marshall Folk $180.00
Michael Groper $180.00
Steven Benmor $180
Shane, Miriam, Hannah And Maya $180
Anonymous Sponsor $136
Jerry And Pearl Bloom $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Amy And Mitchell Brown $180.00
Mel & Mimi Greenspoon $100
Great cause shared with girls
The Beards $54
A wonderful act!
Abraham Fisher $36
behatslacha sheyekuyam bachen:"yelchu mechayil el chayil yeraeh el elokim betsiyon
The Goldstein Family $180.00
Good luck - Great cause
Jess, Stephen, Jacqui, & Adam Miller $100.00
David Lieberman $360.00
Wonderful cause. Exceptional girls.
Dolman Family $100.00
Mayeer Pearl & Stacey Shein $180
Jonathan & Elayna Latsky $54
David Goldstein $36.00
Cantor Beny Maissner $54
Gary Mitchell $118.00
Goood luck. Great event for a great cause
Jacob Langer And Ferne Sherkin-Langer $100
Doreen Menaker $54.00
Randy Daiter $118.00
Lawernce And DeeDee Scheinman $180
Pat Lieberman & Peter Shenfield $500.00
What a great cause. Vivi, Tali and Eric we are so proud of you!
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Roy & Adele Flax $180.00
Ali Wolfond And Sheret Ross $118.00
Way to go Eric, Aviva, and Talia!!!!!
Marni, Benjy, Zoey, Rory And Caleb $36
Have a great run!
Andrea & Elliot Kohn $360
Great cause! Have a wonderful time!
Warren And Debbie Kimel $100.00
May the wind always be at your back.
Joan Starkman $100
Lisa & Howard Cohen & Family $118
Gianna Antonacci $25.00
Danielle Randy Manis $36
Marvin & Sandi Bernstein $54.00
We have visited this great place.Go team Moses!!
Nate, Zoe And Breslin Family $72
Go team Moses!
Alla Rypina-Milne $54
Enjoy your run for the great cause!
Joanna & Jeffrey Feldman $36
Natalie Abbott And Marc Gordon $54.00
Great Cause.
Howard And Marlene Black & Family $100
Best of luck for a good cause, Team Moses!
Geoff, Paula, Jayden And Dylan Seigel $180.00
Aunti Lani, Uncle Adam, Maya, Leila And Jonah $180.00
Lionel Robins $500.
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Jordan, Jillian, Tyler-Jane, Spencer, Tommy & Leigh $180
Best of luck!
Jenna Sinclair $18.00
Good luck!
Rabbi Philip Scheim $72
Yishar koach!
Michael Grossman $36
Marlene Bader-Higgins $36
Great team & Great cause!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Way to go, Talia, Aviva and Eric!
The Sokol Family $126
Avery Krisman $90.00
Randi Skurka Skurka $180.00
Go team!
Rachel & Jeffrey Haar $25.00
Jeff & Honey Rubenstein $360
Anonymous Sponsor $2700.00
Mark And Frances Altow $100.
What a great act of Chesed!! Way-To-Go!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Yael Perlon $36.00
Good luck!
David Edwards $252.00
Behatzlacha raba and all the best
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Patricia Silver And John-Michael Erlendson $36.00
Best wishes on a great run. From our family to yours, we're proud to support.
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
The Gudofsky's $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Marlene Rattner $100.00
Marsha & Howard Halpern $180
Best of luck!
Benjamin Burko $54
Way to go Eric and Family!
D Lapowich & A Lapowich $100.00
In Honor of you and your whole family (Meshpuchah)
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Paul Krandel & Marci Green $118.00
Michael Gangel $200.00
Jacqueline Alloul $72.00
Esti Lax $54.00
Rivy Rhoda Blass $36.00
Jeffrey And Brie Kimel $100.00
Richard Shurman $100.00
Ian Freedman & Shelly Markel $100
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Brian & Barbara Stepak $180.00
Go Team Moses
Jodi Goldstein $54.00
Good luck!!!
Wayne And Michelle Moses $72.00
Koh Hokavod Team Moses
Anne Star Schwartz $360.00
Marvin Bernstein $18.00