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Daniel Smokler $180
Go Reyna Go!
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Amy Zwas And Yoram Bitton $36
Abbie Kozolchyk $54
Go, Reyna!
Lisa Schlaff $54.00
Becky & Shalom Bronstein $72.00
Go Reyna!
Abie Perelis $90.00
Reyna, you can do this!!
Daniel, Sharon, Maxwell And Ellora Bailey Frommer $108
We are so inspired by your commitment, Reyna! Train hard and have a great experience!
David Jacobowitz $250
Dear Reyna, we are so thrilled that you have taken on this challenge and wish you all success. Love you, Grandma and Zayda
The Rotenberg-Schwartz Family $54
Awesome Reyna!
The Krumans $18
תזכי למצוות
David Tesler Tesler $54
Debra Passner $36
Go Reyna! So great that you are doing this!
The Montags $18
Joel Hecker & Frani Pollack $100.00
Kol ha-Kavod, Reyna!
David Bland $50
Go Girl!!!!
The Ramirez Family $54
To an amazing girl who will go far! Chai for each year we have known you!
Tovah Gidseg $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18
amazing motivation, kol HaKavod
Rebecca And Marc Wolf $54
Reyna, you are an inspiration!
The Yurowitz Family $36
Good Luck!
Minna Heilpern $18.00
Yasher Koach, Reyna!
Marilyn Zeidel $36
The Vinokurs $18
Mishpachat KP $180
Wowwy, Reyna--we're so proud of you!! And perfect timing for the email as we were just looking for a recipient for Chanukah gelt donation! Run like the wind. xoxoxo
Sheryl And Bruce Schainker $180.00
Ellen Shapiro $25
Go Reyna! The hills of Jerusalem are waiting for you! We're so excited for and proud of you!
Yael And Jessy Battash $36.00
Dear Reyna, we are super proud of you! Keep shining!! Love,
Ben & Dahlia Prager $72
Go, Reyna!! Love, The Pragers
Milly Rosner $54
Reyna- we are rooting for you love milky and morty
Elke And Kalman Stein $100
good luck on the run. May your uncle Brian have a speedy refuah shelaymah
Simone & Ethan $54
Jeanne And Boris Rosen $180.00
With all our love to Reyna Perelis
The Sarna Family $100
We are so proud of you!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Arye Dworken $18
The Garland Levin Family $50.00
Good luck Reyna! We look forward to hearing all about your run and time in Israel.
Uncle Danny & Aunt Sharron ₪360
We love you Reyna. Here's a donation in the memory of two great grandparents that would be very proud of you: Reyna bat R. Yechiel Michel & Moshe Chaim ben Yitzchak. May their neshamot have an Aliya.
Ariela & Benito Esquenazi $126.00
Go Reyna Go! May the hills be flat and your run meaningful!
Robin And Justin Straus $36.00
Go Reyna go!
Kenneth Hoffman $100.00
Way to go, Reyna. Janet and Kenny Hoffman
Cohen Fam $18.00
run raina run
Lea & Alex Moskovits $36.00
Serena And Mechi Jenkelowitz $50
Good luck Reyna!
Kathy & Marty Birn $36
Go, Reyna!
Gail Braverman $18
We're really proud of you!