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Gittel Hochster $100
I'm so proud of you, Leora and I look forward to cheering you on in person. Love, Savta
Yuri Nad Yoheved Shoshan ₪360
Go Leora! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you!
Dubitsky Family $180.00
The Ramras Family $36.00
We are right behind you girl! Just turn around :-) So proud, Yasher Kochachem. Love, SVCITA
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Go Leora!!
Becky Wachsman $54
Michael Novogroder $100.00
We are so proud of you, Leora. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing. We love you. Zaide and Bobi Fayge
Anonymous Sponsor $400.00
Super proud of my favorite middle child :)
Pessie Klein $100.00
Auntie Rivkah, Jason The Unclepuss, Taffy The Ferocious $100.00
We are so proud of you! We donate this in honor of the upcoming Yahrzeit of Estelle Weiss, Chesyah bat Kreyna Chaya a'h
Jay Huti $250
Anonymous Sponsor $160
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Have the best time! Can't wait to hear about it!
Bubby & Zaydah Fischman $72.00
So proud of our girl!
Anonymous Donor $15
Anonymous Sponsor $10
Alison Gross $36
Go Leora! Keep up the great work!
Laura Hershcopf $100.00
Abe Spectre-Covitz $72.00
Have fun!
Anonymous Sponsor $15
L'via Weisinger $54.00
best babysitter
Sandra Goldberger $100
Anonymous Sponsor $36
You go, girl! So proud of you!
Leah Herzog $25
Donna & Robert Hoenig $54.00
Raizy Neuman $18.00
You got this buffalo!! Love your fav fischman
Anonymous Sponsor $15
Anonymous Sponsor $175
Anonymous Sponsor $40
Marilyn Mogul $36.00
Lanter Family $54
Mikey Finkelstein $12.00
You got this Starfish!!!
Ellen & George Friedman $50.00
Danielle Teitelbaum $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $30
Yael And Yakir ₪180
Go Leora! We'll be there to cheer you on!
L'via Weisinger $100.00
You did it!!! #nachas!
Anonymous Sponsor $67
Anonymous Sponsor $1
Laura Hershcopf $36.00