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Ann & Mark Koffsky $100
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Shayna & Lazer Friedman Friedman $54
Adina & Tuvia Korobkin $100.00
Kol hakavod!
Robert & Karyn Goldberger $100
Kol HaKavod
Adrianne & Peter Klemensberg $180.00
Yasher koach Eddy! Wishing continued refuah for Isaac and all clal Yisrael.
Debra Fischman $54.00
Daniel Korobkin $100
In honor of Isaac! Have a great run!
Yaffa Cohen $300.00
Esty Yeres $54.00
Go Nephew Eddy Go - Kol Hakavod
Susan & Fred Birnbaum $180
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Kol HaKavod
Rebecca & Cliff Ansel $36.
Kol HaKavod, Eddy! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous Sponsor ₪36
Sonia Halpern And Monda Halpern $36.00
We wish you the best, Eddy!
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Tizku L'mitzvot
Marcee And Rosy $180
Blessings of Health for Isaac and DR. Cohen
Joshua Frankel $360.00
Hatzlachah Eddy - may we hear besorot tovot
Allan Gelkopf $50
Michael Levi $180.00
Yasher Koach Eddy
Anonymous Sponsor $54
All the best and wishes for a good new year filled with health and happiness
Jerrold And Tzippy $25
Tali Lyons $72.00
Isidore Zuckerbrod ₪300
Sara Bavly $25.00
Ephraim Frohwein $36
Much luck and keep up the great work.
Deena And Aaron Wapner $36
Garson Family $18.00
Chavie And Howard Lyons $100.00
For a Refuah of all of cholei yisrael. Kol Hakavod!
Dr Abraham Diamond $54.00
Sari And Albert Arazi $100
Joe Elmaleh And Family $180
In honour of Isaac.
Paul Forman $100
Amanda Nussbaum $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Ron And Gella Weiss $100
Julie Starr $36.00
Way to go!
Azari And Navah Shumacher ₪100
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Bh success to Shalva and Strength to all families and their gems/children
Marvin Nagler $18
Stanley And Ilana Emerson $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Nathan And Jozie Eisner $180
We wish you all a Shana Tova and a Year of Health and Bracha
Sam And Miriam Meyer $180
Refuah Shlemah
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Kenneth Silverman $180
Avi & Symee Citronp $100.00
Lol Hakavod
David And Chani Klein $180.00
kol hakavod
Shmuel And Nadine Sheinberg $100
Ira Leibtag $54
Robert Benmergui $180.00
Anne & Aaron Weisblatt $100
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Nancy & Avi $100.00
Gaby Friedmann $54.00
Hatzlacha Rabba
Sharon And Bobby Silberstein $72
Best of Luck
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Hyla And Jack Pollak $54
Ilana Macdonald $20
Thanks for doing this!!
Ken And Faye Stollon $100
G'mar chatima tova
Rachel And Benny $100
Mendy Maierovitz $200.00
Kol Hakavod
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Esti Cohen $36
Good luck
Tim Van Lane $50.00
Sara Malka Berger $36
Anonymous Sponsor $90.00
Sorrie Javasky $36.00
Kol Hakavod
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
David & Shoshana Zolty $250
Carol Engel $50.00
Ezra Lauterpacht $36
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Prof $54
Kol Hakavod!
Tricia & Jeffrey Kurtz $36.00
Chaviva And Jason Lifson $100
Yasher Koach!
Mark Breslow $54
great to support you as always
Sigal Shamir $50
Avi Borenstein ₪100
In memory of our mother Nesia Borenstein and brother Sam Borenstein
William Brown $100
Good luck with the run and your support of a great cause.
Marc And Debi Friedman $100
Ari Tenenbaum $100
Marlene Segal $50.00
B’Hatzlacha, Eddy
Elissa And Zev Weissberg $72
כל הכבוד
Angela And Victor Zuckerman $36
Yasher koach!!
Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
Rayjo Charitable Fund $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Susan & Howard Weiss $180.00
Sheryl And Zev Cohen $100.00
Hindy Bendel $36
Dov & Tova Rosenberg $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor ₪56
Amy And Daniel Bitton $180
Yashar Koach!
Michael And Lea Frohwein $50.00
Ephraim & Florence Laifer $50
In honor of Jordan Cohen
Batya Feigenbaum $36
to Mr. and Mrs. Cohen - people who inspire everyone with constant work for the klall!
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Sidney Lebowitz $54
Keep up the great work Eddy!
Elana & Schem Montoute $144
In your honour Eddy for your sincere thoughtfulness, devotion and generosity to our entire family.
Morrie Klians $36
Yasher koach!
Rich And Elana Winkler $72.00
Kol Hakavod
Yvette Shumacher ₪180
Kol hakavod!
David Green ₪360
Joyce Barron $36
Avrohom Yisroel Silver £18
Abraham Rotenberg $100
Emile And Barbara Aufgang $100
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Ruth And Larry Spodek $36.00
The best of luck.
Aviva And Simmy Zieleniec $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $1800.00
Yasher Koach to you and your family.
Ellen Warner $180
Howard Modlin And Family $18
Frances And George Aaron $180.00
Daniel Zigelman $100.00
Good Luck
Karen And Jay Spitzer $100.00
Zahava & Mordie Shields $100.00
Shkoyach for running for a great cause!
Yolanda & Jon Rosalki £18.00
Kol hakavod Eddy, best of luck
Michaella And Cyril Weintraub $50
Kol Hakavod, Eddi
Yogi $100
Best of luck achieving your goal
All the best to you Eddy, and all you bring to the joy of others!
Cass And Sheldon Gottlieb $180.00
Yocheved And Joe Zeifman $120.00
Henya Schechter $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor ₪300
John And Sheba Sanders $180.00
Hatzlacha Eddy! We are very proud of you and in loving memory of our dear Boobie, Rebbitzen Faigie Frankel.
Resa And Alan Litwack $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Barbara And Asher Frankel $108.00
Esther & Craig Guttmann $180
Aunty Eda ₪120
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Brian And Simmi Kleinberg $100.00
Yasher Koach Eddy!!
Bernie And Helene Green $36.00
We're cheering for you, Eddy!
Gizella Elbaz $18.00
Judi And Jeremy Cohen $36
Wishing a refuah shleima to Isaac
Alex And Rise Glasenberg $500
Anonymous Sponsor ₪720.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Harold And Dorothy Klein $36.00
Melvyn And Eleanor Sandler $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $25.00
Go Eddy!!
A Close Friend $180.00
Yasher Koach Eddy
Ruth & Mark Satin $180.00
Elisheva And Sam Lightstone $18
Hatzlacha Rabba!
Eileen And Marv Goldstein $54.00
Avraham Hochman $10
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Elana Gensler $18.00
Hadassa $72.00
כל הכבוד, enjoy the run, and תזכה למצוות!
David Lowy $18
Marvin & Roberta Newman $100.00
In Honour of the Engagement of Leora & Binyamin
Lori & Larry Wolynetz $100
Arthur & Betty Kruger ₪180
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Moshe Orenbuch $72
Lynda Greenberg $180.00
Run for their lives!!!!! כל הכבוד
Gabrielle Klein $36.00
Shloimie & Annie Romberg $36
Issac is full of chayn and energy and an inspiration to all. B'Hatzlacha,Eddy.
Susan Silverman $100
Yashar Koach Eddy!
Anonymous Sponsor ₪180
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Annie Kammer $18.00
Yasher Kia has! A refuah for Isaac!
Miriam And Steven Gordon $100
Mark Slutzki ₪100
Anonymous Sponsor ₪100.00
Kol HaKavod!
Rochelle Rosenblum $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Anonymous Anonymous $2500.00
Rochelle And Jeffrey Rein $180
Kol hakavod once again xo
Elliot Lifson $1000.00
Arthur And Tobey Crandell $36.00
The Rubin-Hoffman Foundation $360.00
Dina Weltman $250.00
Tizku l'mitzvos!
Bruce And Sari Gilboord $36.00
Julia Koschitzky $180.00
Linda Keays $200.
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Nina And David Bernstein $54
yasher koach Eddy and Temima!
Kol hakavod Eddy, best of luck
Linda Roberts $36.00
Neil Reines $100
Kol Hakavod Eddy!
Ronnie Neumann $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Gittie & Tod Rothschild $180.00
Gloria Levitt $36.00
Penina And Eli Honig $25
tizku l'mitzvot!
Anonymous Sponsor ₪180
Danny & Gayle Cutler $72.00
IHO Sheryl Cohen
Hersch Kanner $100
Leon And Aviva Woznica $36.00
Yasher koach!
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Eldon P Moses $136
Anonymous Sponsor ₪100
Chayim And Tovit Rubin $18.00
Continued fundraising success for this very worthy cause!
Brian & Shelley Lipson $72.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Joseph Rubinoff Joseph Rubinoff $18
Bea And Jerry Rosenfield $100.
Kol hakavod. Refua shleima to your nephew
Tommy And Susan Jutcovich $180
Ruth Reines Sananes $360
Murray And Susan Silverman $180
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Erin Goldenberg $50
Hatzlacha and Refuah Shleima. Kol hakavod.
Joseph Rutman $180
Phyllise Gelfand & H Victor Seeman $54
BeHatzlachah Eddy & Temima !
Colin And Arlene Ripsman $50
Marcia And Jeff $100
Yashar kochachem
Eli Leibowitz $50
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Michael & Joanna Stavsky $108
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Bernofsky Family $18
in honour of your families ongoing hard work and the children of Shalva!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Kalman And Tolly Weber $36.00
Kol Hakavod!!
Anonymous Sponsor $5000.00
Dr. And Mrs. Murray Miskin $250.00
Hindy Edell $100
George Markus $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Anonymous Sponsor ₪72
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54
Aziza Family $100
Reuben And Naomi Benquesus $100
Marcelle And Steve $500.00
In honour of the amazing Isaac and his wonderful parents Erin and Avi
Tzvi, Ariella & Dovid Cohen $54.00
Daniel Allman ₪180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Ser $180
Rita And Carey Drutz $36.00
Moshe & Samara Segal ₪275
Ahuva , Leora And Simcha $360.00
We will be thinking of you as you run through the beautiful hills of yerushalayim. Tizku l'mitzvot
Toffy Kobrossi $54
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor ₪100
In memory of Sarah Chana Bat Yaakov
LXB Holdings INC $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Pessa Mira Bas Chaim, Melanie Solomon $36.00
Kol Hakavod
Karolyn Katz $36.00
Chasen Family , Toronto $36
Honored to be included in your sponsors Mr Cohen!
Brian And Hyla $100.00
A Steinberg £180
Linda Keays $200.
Anonymous Sponsor $360
Love you miss you!
Sheldon Berger $100
Marty & Gail Bergman $100.00
Deena Marder $54.00
Much Hatzlacha Eddy and Temima!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Jack Samuel $54
Go Eddy Go!
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Yitzchock Katscher המתוק $72.00
Jacob And Garbriel Goldfinger $54.00
Chaim And Joseph Chana Zefiman Charitable Trust $180.00
Rabbi Kenneth And Mrs. Shulamith Schwartz $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor ₪72
Debra Kachani $72.00
D2 :) $360.00
Way to go!!
Eliezer & Haviva Bulka $36
כל הכבוד! חזק ואמץ!
Anonymous Sponsor ₪360
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Jewish Heritage Foundation $360.00
Dan-Hytman Family Foundation $180.00