All Donors

Marla Young $36.00
Lets resolve to not be the last ones to finish this year.
Deena Resnick $36.00
You go girl!!
Debra Aronson $36.00
Kol hakavod Susan! Way to go!
Karen Breslin $36
Don’t break anything !
David & Karrie Hennick $150.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Sharin Froman $36.00
Way to go Susan!
Ruth Goodman $54
Cheering you on, Susan!
Rose Rhona I Konrad $36
Wishing you all the best
Corbett Fine $100.00
Joanne Hoffman $100.00
You go girl!
Richard Schaefer $100
Jack And Lily Fegelman $36
Go Susan Go!
Elise Herzig & Ron Cuperfain $118
Sarah Bloom $72.00
Amazing! So proud of you!
Sharon Neiss $36
Mazol Tov!
Stan Trachter And Elaine Hoffman $100.00
So proud of you!
Elise Nicholson $36.00
Way to go Susan! xo
David And Shoshana Zolty $100
We are so proud of your dedication to such a worthy cause as Shalva! Run, Susan, run!
Hyla & John $72.00
Yasher Koach to you!
Ellie & Arthur Stern $180.00
Denise Gold $72
Barry & Donna Bank $360.00
Special person for a special cause. Good luck!
Helen Kerzner $200.00
Your Daddy in Heaven and your Mommy on Earth are smiling with you always
Jay Niederhoffer $180
So special to help so many.
Tobi Bongard $50.00
Way to go Susan!!! So proud of you :)
Marla Buck $72.00
You go girl
Anton & Kathy Benjamin $180.00
So proud of you, always!
Michelle Fine $100.00
Robert Milne $54.00
Karen Birbrager $54.00
Ellie Korenblum $54.00
Yasher Koach, Susan!
Jodie Katz $36
Don't forget to stretch!!!!
Rachel Katz $200.00
Good Luck
Brettler Mintz Foundation $103.00
Way to go Susan
Adrienne Davis $36.00
Hennick Kids $600.00
Mom, we are so proud of you. Run Susan Run
Barbara Gaiptman $50
Mazel Tov!
Dina Ochshorn $72.00
Have a wonderful time!
Rose Baum $100.00
A job well done.
Elaine Grossman $36
Vivian Metz $72.00
Best of luck - amazing cause! Enjoy!