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Lizette Greyling $100
Fantastic to heat you arendoing this again! Such a pleasure to support such a great cause. Good luck with the training.
The Boston Pinshaws $180
Go Daniel !!!!
The Bleets $108.00
Good luck Daniel! We'll be following you.....
Avi Mitzner $100.00
Go Daniel! Wish I could be there.
Dalia & Allen Kamrava $50.00
The Meyerov Family $180
Go Daniel! What a mitzvah!
Anonymous Sponsor $25.00
Sharon Baskin $180.00
The Ziman's $180.00
Happy to support you in this worthwhile cause Daniel -Lots of Luck!!
Laurian Greenstein $80
Anonymous Sponsor $72
San Francisco Baskin's $180.00
Run with the wind!!!!!
Joshua Doctor $36
Best of luck!
Susan And Richard Ross $100
Go Mitzvah Man!
Cynthia Baskin $0100.00
Alexandra Spitz $20
Michael Grusd And Mel Scott $54.00
Fantastic mitzvah you are doing Daniel. We are with you ! Vasbyt!
Lundy Smith $250
Ashleigh Bergman $100.00
Go get 'em Daniel!
Larry Jankelowitz $36
Diane And Laurence Levy $72.00
Good luck Daniel. It’s a great organization!
Sims Family $100
Go Go Go for GOLD!
Talia And Nader Pouratian $100
Great work and cause
Shirley And Hymie Perkin $50
good luck
Patti And Tom Badiner $36.00
Best of luck!
Halina And Alan $100
Go Daniel!
Debbie Bedil $180.00
I am proud of my brother. I know that you will think of me on the race as it is also my Birthday!
BP Mow $300.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Good luck and shkoach!
Anonymous Sponsor $108
Get well.
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Go Badil!
Melissa Mayo $100.00
Sari, Michael, Jeremy, Rylan And Avery Arnall $100
Best of luck with the run!
Anthony Bass $50.00
Neil Meyerowitz $100
Errol Gerson $72.00
I’m so proud of you Daniel
Nick Ghelakis $100
Well done Pravesh - u need to get in shape 🤣💪🏼
Claude & Zan Marquis $360
Go Daniel!!!
Steven Bedil $100.00
Good Luck
Robyn And Evan Bedil $180
The Greenberg Fam $180
Good Luck Bedil!!
Laura Bogomolny $36
Adeyinka O Adewinmbi $30.00
You go buddy! We should do one run before you head out though.
The Weintraub Family $36.00
Run like the wind, Daniel!
Proos Family $36.00
Best of Luck Danny!!
Laurence Weinberg $100
Smash it and enjoy!!!
Wolf Of Woodstock $100
Good luck DB!
Suzy Shelton $15.00
So proud of you! Sending LOVE to Team Shalva!
Anonymous Sponsor $700
Proud of you Shtoonk!
Michael Rockefeller $100.00
Best of luck!
Ariel Tivon $180
The Galperson Family $50.00
Run Daniel Run !
Good Luck Champ !
Robert Vitrano $75.00
Goodluck Daniel!!!!
Rabbi Erez Sherman $100
So proud of your involvement with Shalva!
Rebecca Houriani $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor ₪360
Kol Hakavod cuz!!!
Alana Millstein $100
Good luck!
Rachel, Allen, Mika And Koby Roth $100.00
Amazing job- good luck!!
Helayne And Joe Levy $36.00
We love you Daniel !
Lester Buch $18
Run well Daniel
Candace, Jonathan, Gabrielle And Gavin Perkin $100
Good luck Daniel
The Other Aboet $72
Go aboet bobsie
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Enjoy the run Dan! Amazing achievement !
Anthony Gilbert £36
Go for Gold ! Run well and well done in advance, a great cause.
Ben Allen $50
Proud of you brother! Great cause!
Robyn Bedil Matching Gift $180.00